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Quik Sessions


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QUiK sessions are Quality Updates in Knowledge- a framework developed by TORHG to deliver short 2 hours sessions of quality clinically relevant education focusing on anatomy and physiology. Presenting on the 30th of every month (or there abouts- thanks February!) We will alternate between evening, morning, lunch and brunch sessions to cater for shift workers. This will ensure that healthcare workers including doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, paramedics, exercise physiologists and personal trainers can have access to education without disrupting their work schedule.

Sessions will focus on clinical anatomy and physiology and help to increase your knowledge and understanding of the human body. This will positively impact your practice by giving you a greater understanding of how the body works and why we do what we do to prevent/treat illness and disease.
Sessions will be held at Middle Island Medical Clinic, an innovative and professional health service operating in Warrnambool. The team at Middle Island and TORHG are committed to collaborative healthcare and health promotion.

We will cover the body from head to toe over the coming months. You can purchase tickets to attend individual sessions or purchase a set of 6 tickets at a discounted price. These events are hands on and interactive to improve the learning experience. These events are fully catered.
We will also be offering parent sessions bi-monthly to give parents access to quality education whilst their children play in our play area located within our learning space.